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Are you ready for home ownership?

Are you dreaming of owning your own home but struggle to qualify for a traditional mortgage? Are you an entrepreneur, self-employed individual, non-w2 employee or any other contributing member of society feeling overlooked by traditional lending methods and wondering if there is a better way to buy a house? We are here to help. 

Are you ready for lending that understands you?

If you’re like most people, you dream about buying your own home, a place to raise your family, a place to gather with friends, a place to celebrate, a place to relax, a place to live your best life.  If you can afford a down payment and monthly payments, you meet the initial requirements to qualify for one of our programs.  

Most clients who work with us don’t fit the traditional banking mold, most are entrepreneurs, self-employed individuals, non-w2 employees and other contributing members of society.  All of them, just like all of us, have a story that has ups and downs, sometimes resulting in credit problems or other financial issues that have prevented them from owning their own home in the past.

We are on a mission to change that and we are here to help you turn your story into steps toward success!

Stillwater Diversified has several programs to help you take steps toward home ownership. These include our HomeLend Agreement, Debt Forgiveness, Rent-to-Own and Rental programs.  We work with you to match you with your optimal home ownership program, and best of all, our programs are flexible.  

Many of our client borrowers work with us for a few years before graduating to conventional financing.  We understand that there is also a chance things will not go as planned and, in the event your situation changes, we offer debt forgiveness as an option to foreclosure.  We strive for unparalleled communication and, from start to finish, our team will listen to your unique situation and help you take the steps that are best for you. 

Meet Stillwater Diversified… and experience “lending that understands you” for yourself!

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Helping You turn your story into steps toward success.

Home Sweet Home

We are a new kind of real estate lender that lends homes instead of money. This simple change in the process changes the borrower-lender relationship, and we are equally invested in the success of both you and the home. Once you qualify, you have the option of choosing from our available inventory of homes or shopping the market for the perfect home.

We Help Turn Your Real Estate Dreams Into Reality

Step one to own your next home is to start a friendly conversation
with your Stillwater Diversified consultant.

We want to hear your story! We will discuss where you are now, review your situation and listen to what your home ownership dreams look like. We will help you decide if our programs are for you and, if we are a good fit for your situation, we help you choose which program is the best option. We love helping people succeed and can’t wait to hear from you!