Stillwater Diversified


In short, we want Stillwater Diversified to be accessible to all.

For users who require additional accommodations, we have additional support available. We recommend contacting us via channels you prefer. Live chat is available upon request.


The Company is committed to principles of equal opportunity for all users. In keeping with this policy, it does not engage in discrimination based on any protected characteristic, including an individual’s disability.  The Company will also make reasonable accommodations that are necessary to comply with the state and federal disability discrimination laws.  This means that the Company will make reasonable accommodations for the known physical or mental disability or known medical condition of an applicant or employee, consist with its legal obligations to do so.

As part of its commitment to make reasonable accommodations, the Company also wishes to participate in a timely, good faith, interactive process with the disabled applicant or employee to determine effective reasonable accommodations, if any, that can be made in response to a request for accommodations.  Users are invited to identify reasonable accommodations that can be made to assist them to perform the essential functions of the position they seek or occupy.   They should contact customer service as soon as possible to request the opportunity to participate in a timely interactive process.  By working together in good faith, the Company hopes to implement any reasonable accommodations that are appropriate and consistent with its legal obligations.

If you require reasonable accommodation in working with Stillwater Diversified, please contact us via any of the contact methods below:

Phone: 828-220-6206
Email: Info at