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HomeLend Agreement™

Suburban HouseOur Flagship Product

We at Stillwater Diversified are excited to offer our popular and highly sought after HomeLend Agreement.

  • Do you struggle with qualifying for a traditional loan and find yourself frustrated with the lack of mortgage options available to you?
  • Have you been through a hardship and as a result your credit is less than perfect?
  • Do you feel like traditional loan applications ask questions that don’t apply to you and you feel forced into a box that doesn’t fit? 

You are not alone

Stillwater Diversified was founded by someone like you and our HomeLend Agreement was created to offer you an equal opportunity to experience the American dream of owning your own home. Years of experience have shown us the demand for home loan options that fit the needs of those who find themselves outside the requirements for a traditional home loan. We address this issue by taking it a step further and changing the item we lend. 

Lending homes instead of money


Lending homes instead of money changes the borrower-lender relationship. We at Stillwater Diversified are equally invested in both the success of you, our Client Borrower and the home. 

Lending homes enables us to offer Debt Forgiveness as an option instead of foreclosure. This fundamental change sets us apart and allows us to meet you where you are and offer lending that understands you. 




What is HomeLend Agreement? 

HomeLend Agreement is the agreement we enter into with you our Client Borrower, in which we strive to be a relationship forward lender offering lending that understands you. 

As a qualified Client Borrower, you can go into the marketplace and make a cash offer on the home of your dreams. We purchase the home and simultaneously lend it to you using a Contract for Deed. 

We do not charge early payment penalties if you are able and choose to refinance into a traditional mortgage. 

If your situations changes, we offer Debt Forgiveness as an option to avoid foreclosure. 

How is HomeLend Agreement like a traditional mortgage?

HomeLend Agreement is like a traditional mortgage in that you as the HomeLend Agreement Client Borrower have full ownership rights and get to experience all the advantages of homeownership. 

HomeLend Agreement is amortized over the full length of the loan term, and your home’s property taxes and insurance are escrowed so that you need not worry about paying them in a lump sum when they come due. 

As a HomeLend Agreement homeowner, you get to experience the year end tax benefits that property taxes, homeowners insurance and mortgage interest provide. 

How is HomeLend Agreement not like a traditional mortgage?

HomeLend Agreement is not like a traditional mortgage in that the property deed does not transfer to you until the HomeLend Agreement is satisfied in full. 
HomeLend Agreement can be satisfied in one of the following ways:

  1. Payment in full over the life of the HomeLend Agreement term
  2. Refinance to a traditional loan
  3. Sell your home – Bonus: any amount exceeding your HomeLend Agreement payoff is yours to keep!

How do I qualify for HomeLend Agreement? 

Qualifying is as easy as these 5 simple steps:

  1. Complete an application
  2. Provide proof of income
  3. Show a debt to income ration of less than 47%
  4. Pass a background check 
  5. Provide proof of funds for the down payment
*Debt to income must include your HomeLend Agreement monthly payment.

How do I buy my dream home with HomeLend Agrement?

Upon application approval, we issue you an approval letter which includes the Property Purchase Guidelines. We can also provide you with recommendations for realtors in your area that are familiar with HomeLend Agreement.  

You work with your realtor to find the home of your dreams. When it’s time to make an offer, we provide you with the ability to make a strong, competitive CASH offer. We buy the home for you with cash and simultaneously lend it to you using a state compliant Contract for Deed. 

What are the costs and details?

  • Actual closing costs charged
  • 10% down payment
  • 3% Transaction fee*
  • 8.50% interest rate* 
  • 480 month/40 year amortization*
  • Monthly payments reported to Credit Bureau
  • No prepayment penalty 
  • Home must be primary residence 
* Rates subject to change; not all applicants will qualify; please contact us to determine your specific rates and terms.
*40 Year amortization is offered in order to offer lowest possible monthly payment – no early payment penalties allows you to pay extra each month, pay it off early, or refinance at any time. 
*Transaction fee can be financed into HomeLend Agreement. 

How does the closing work? 

Our team of professionals work alongside you and your realtor, handling the details of the closing. We strive to provide transparent transactions and encourage you to contact us if you have any questions during the contract – closing period. 

You can rest assured that during every step of the transaction, our team will communicate with you to keep you up to date as we handle the following steps. 

  • Making the offer
  • Executing the contract
  • Handling inspections and due diligence
  • Coordinating the closing

Our transparent communication is part of what sets HomeLend Agreement apart. 


Why lend houses instead of money? 


So glad you asked and we cant wait to answer! 

Our founder uncovered this amazing alternative…

Lending houses instead of money puts us in the unique and exciting position to be able to offer Debt Forgiveness if your life path turns, and your home is no longer a good fit. Through building and maintaining relationships with you, our Client Borrowers, we are able to offer Debt Forgiveness as an option to avoid the long painful expensive process of foreclosure.

Real estate appreciation makes it possible for us to recover financial losses and eliminates the need for us to pursue foreclosure which only places a larger burden on you if you find yourself in that situation. 


Your open communication is key to this alternative and our relationship forward focus is part of what sets HomeLend Agreement apart. 



Wait… Debt Forgiveness?

Yes you read it right.

Through lending houses instead of money, we at Stillwater Diversified are able to offer Debt Forgiveness as an alternative to foreclosure.

Lending that understands you, coupled with Debt Forgiveness creates a true win-win transaction and give you, our Client Borrower, the peace of mind to enjoy your new home and move forward, empowered, on the next steps in the story of youre requ